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Best Practices for Promoting Positive Father Educational Involvement & Child Well-Being 

May 2022 - April 2023

Administration for Children and Families

Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation

National African American Child and Family Research Center

This project examines the best strategies for promoting father involvement in their child’s education and improving child well-being among African American fathers participating in fatherhood programs (i.e., Thriving Fathers and Families Program). Additionally, the project explores the role direct service providers and fatherhood practitioners play in promoting positive father educational involvement. 


Fathers and father figures play a critical role in the educational outcomes of their children. Despite the abundance of empirical literature establishing the importance of paternal involvement on academic achievement and overall well-being of their children, few studies have been conducted to understand how fatherhood practitioners can promote educational involvement as a strategy for increasing overall positive parenting behaviors among low-income fathers of color. Thus, there is a need to establish best practices for promoting educational involvement within fatherhood programs. 

Implications/Future Plans

This project focuses on underserved populations (e.g., low-income fathers and African American families) and addresses a gap within the fatherhood literature by examining best practices for promoting educational involvement as a strategy for increasing positive parenting behaviors. Study findings can improve strategies for fatherhood organizations and programs designed to improve early childhood educational outcomes.  

Team Members

Ed Davies

For more information:

Contact the principal investigator research for more information.

Dr. Ericka M. Lewis


Phone: (410) 706-1340

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